Al-Mathurat is actually a compilation of few verses from Quran & prayer by Rasulullah SAW which was compiled by Imam As-Shahid Hassan Al-Banna for daily reading. You can read it in wazifah al-qubra (long) or wazifah al-suqra (short - first 8 verses including surah Al-Fatihah until surah Al-Baqarah:286) in the morning and evening. Please try to understand the meaning of each verse before making it as your daily reading.

You can download it in full version (wazifah al-qubra) at here (pdf format) or at here (direct download)

Here are some advantages or goodnesses of Al-Mathurat as your daily reading:

1) Safe from evil deeds or satan
2) Your house and family are safe from any unwanted incident
3) Allah will give what is enough for you in dunya and afterlife 
4) Make you more 'istiqamah'/continuity  (doing something as part of your life) towards Allah
5) If someone read it then he die (after reading or on the night he read it), Allah will assure him a place in heaven
6) Allah will give you anything you want (pleasure)
7) That person is pleased by Allah to be in His heaven and during his whole life (continuous reading)
8) Safe from syirik (pray to several gods)
9) Safe from poisonous animal and thing
10) Easy for that person to pay his debt and less debt in his life
11) Can obtain all greatness during afterlife (kiamat)
12) Allah will pleased that person from morning to evening (morning reading) and from evening to morning (evening reading). 
13) Reading it is the same as you are doing the Sunnah (thing that should be followed) by Rasulullah SAW in terms of zikir (prayer) and many more.


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