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ISLAM: Mengenal Para Malaikat

ISLAM: Mengenal Para Malaikat: Malaikat Jibril . Pemimpin para malaikat ini, bertugas menyampaikan wahyu Allah dan mengajarkannya kepada para nabi dan rasul. Di dalam...

057 - Al-Hadid (Part 1) - Saad Alghamdi - سعد الغامدي - الحديد


Al Mathurat Wazifah Kubra [zikir pagi morning dhikr zikr]


Al Ma'thurat Kubra المأثورات الكبرى


AL ISRAA 17:80



Immensely blessed is He in Whose control is the entire Kingdom, and He has authority over every thing.
He, Who has created death and life that He might test you, as to whose work, is excellent among you. And Heis the Esteemed one the Forgiving.
Who made seven heavens one upon the other. What difference do you see in the making of the MostAffectionate? Then look again carefully, do you see any crack?
Then look again and again, the sight will return back to you defeated and fatigued.
And undoubtedly, We adorned the lower heaven with lamps, and made them things to beat devils, andprepared for them the torment of blazing fire.
And for those who disbelieved in their Lord, there is the torment of Hell. And what an evil end it is?
When they shall be thrown in it, they will hear the braying as it boils up.
It seems that it will almost burst with severe fury. Whenever any group shall be thrown in it, its keepers willask them, 'Did no warner come to you'?
They will say, 'why not,…




Maha Berkat (serta Maha Tinggilah kelebihan) Tuhan yang menguasai pemerintahan (dunia dan akhirat); dan memanglah Ia Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu;
Dia lah yang telah mentakdirkan adanya mati dan hidup (kamu) - untuk menguji dan menzahirkan keadaan kamu: siapakah di antara kamu yang lebih baik amalnya; dan Ia Maha Kuasa (membalas amal kamu), lagi Maha Pengampun, (bagi orang-orang yang bertaubat);
Dia lah yang telah mengaturkan kejadian tujuh petala langit yang berlapis-lapis; engkau tidak dapat melihat pada ciptaan Allah Yang Maha Pemurah itu sebarang keadaan yang tidak seimbang dan tidak munasabah; (jika engkau ragu-ragu) maka ulangilah pandangan - (mu) - dapatkah engkau melihat sebarang kecacatan?
Kemudian ulangilah pandangan (mu) berkali-kali, nescaya pandanganmu itu akan berbalik kepadamu dengan hampa (daripada melihat sebarang kecacatan), sedang ia pula berkeadaan lemah lesu (kerana habis tenaga dengan sia-sia).
Dan demi sesungguhnya! K…

067 - Al-Mulk - Saad Alghamdi - سعد الغامدي - الملك




The Uplifter,  The Exalter The One whose wisdom chooses the ones to be uplifted.
The One who uplifts and elevates mankind above petty desires and selfishness.
The One who makes it possible to rise above the differences and distinctions that divide mankind.

From the root r-f-' which has the following classical Arabic connotations:
to raise or elevate something
to uplift, to take it up
to make high, lofty
to exalt, make honorable, make eminent
to bring a thing near
The name Rāfi' is not specifically used as a Beautiful Name in the Qur'ān.
Rāfi' (uplifter) is the opposite of Khāfid (humbler).
The names Khāfid and Rāfi' are often used together to acknowledge the way that balance and harmony are established and maintained though the interplay of cause and effect.
Mu'izz (honorer) is similar to, but much more more intensive and glorious than, Rāfi' (uplifter).
The phrase al Khāfid ur Rāfi' is often used to h…



The Supremely Strong,  The Inexhaustible Strength The One whose strength is supreme. The One who possesses unlimited strength and endurance.
The One whose vigor and strength prevail over all of creation.
The One who is beyond all weakness. The One whose strength is inexhaustible.

From the root q-w-y which has the following classical Arabic connotations:
to be strong, vigorous, potent
to be robust, hardy, sturdy
to have sufficient strength or power
to prevail over

This name is used in the Qur'ān. For example, see 42:19
Related names:
Qawī - Strong - the One who is all-mighty and possesses inexhaustible strength.
Matīn - Firm - the One whose nature it is to be firm, determined and steadfast.
Qahhār - Dominator - the One who dominates, conquers, overpowers
Muqtadir - Determiner - the One who uses supreme power to enforce whatever Divine wisdom decrees or decides.
(Also written as al-qawi, al-qawee, al-qawiyy, al-qawii, the All-Mi…